Velocity 2X Review

Developer: FuturLab

Release Date: September 2nd, 2014

Available on: Playstation 4, Playstation Vita

Velocity Ultra was a surprisingly fun game that combined quick reflexes with fun shooting. About a year later and we now have its sequel. Velocity 2X doesn’t just improve the already fun mechanics from Velocity Ultra, but adds some completely new and radically different things that makes it well worth picking up.

One notable improvement made over Velocity Ultra is from the story. Velocity Ultra’s barebones story ended with Kai finding herself pulled into a black hole. Velocity 2X opens with her waking up on a surgery table after being rebuilt into a cyborg. After getting sprung by a slave named Hjun, Kai and Hjun make their escape and take on the destructive race while Kai looks for a way back home. The story is told through small cutscenes that play before each of the game’s 50 missions. The artwork is well done and the story is simple enough that you don’t need to worry too much about following it, but the plot is more than engaging enough that you can enjoy it.


I hate aliens so I shoot them to make me feel better.

I hate aliens so I shoot them to make me feel better.

The basic space-shooter gameplay hasn’t been changed too much from Velocity Ultra. You ride the Quarp Jet which has the ability to make short distance teleports at will. You can use X to shoot forward, use the right stick to lob bombs, and later in the game you can drop beacons to teleport to. You’ll have to navigate levels as quickly as possible so you don’t get caught behind the scrolling wall of death, and along the way you want to pick up survivors. You’ll need to take out numbered switches in numerical order, and sometimes that’ll mean using the teleport pods to rerun levels in different ways. It’s actually pretty neat and has you becoming an expert at the levels. Improvements have been made to the space sections too. While in the first game enemies felt like an afterthought, here they’re prominent and actually add to the level. Also new is the occasional boss fight that requires you to combine all of your skills to defeat them.

The real new content comes in the form of the on-foot sections though, which play in the form of a run-n-gun 2D platformer. I was originally worried that these segments wouldn’t be as good as the spaceship parts but, after the learning curve of getting it correct, I found them to be just as fluid and entertaining. Kai has several abilities that she can utilize to get through these levels. A short range teledash lets her phase through thin walls or disrupt enemy shields, and later she can throw teleporters to reach far away objects. A rifle allows her to do more damage and use something while sprinting, but she can only fire it forward. Velocity 2X really did a great job with these and make the game feel like it has gone through some genuine improvements since Velocity Ultra.


Velocity 2X has 50 levels that can take anywhere between one to ten minutes. Besides that there is an extra 25 bonus levels that you can discover hidden in the other levels. A lot of the time you spend is going to be about perfecting the levels though. You’re going to want to try to beat the levels as fast as possible while killing all the enemies and finding all the crystals and survivors. Getting perfects is difficult and require some precise movement and shooting. If score hunting is your thing then Velocity 2X delivers that in full.

Velocity 2X is easily a must buy for any Ps4 or PsVita owner. The fast paced gameplay and exciting shooting mechanics don’t just make Velocity 2X a huge leap above its predecessor but also a fantastic game.


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