Transcendence: Origins Review

Developer: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: April 7th, 2014

Available On: Mobile

Another one of Warner Brother’s free movie tie-in games, Transcendence: Origins serves as a prequel to the movie Transcendence, a movie I haven’t seen or really heard of until I saw this game. A simple puzzle game, is Transcendence: Origins worth the time and… well you won’t spend money, so is it worth your time?

Transcendence: Origins is an extremely simple puzzle game. It’s your job as some guy who synchronizes memories to match memories with each other. To do this all you have to do is simply drag memories that look like they belong with each other and match them into groups of two, three, or four. So if you see a few memories floating around and each of them have different stages of someone picking up a flower then you can toss them all together and upload them. Each stage has a certain amount you need to get, though you are encouraged to get all of them (and to be honest it’s so easy that it’s not much of a problem to get all of them anyway.) After you assemble the memories you get to watch them play, at first focusing on a lab monkey named Artie, but later moving over to a mysterious child.

Between matching you’ll get sent messages by your co-worker Bree. You can respond to these messages usually by either agreeing, disagreeing, or remaining neutral. It doesn’t effect the gameplay at all, but it will determine how Bree responds and what ending you’ll eventually get. Overall, though, the plot is mostly just a tie-in to the movie. What Dr. Caster is doing and why it even matters isn’t something that will show up in the game. Furthermore, about half way through your character suddenly decides he’s anti-technology for some reason. This is made worse when you can then suddenly be pro-technology again for the ending.

There’s really not much else to say about this game. It’s another completely free super quick (It took me about 45 minutes) movie tie-in that Warner Brothers seems to release on mobile for some of their bigger pictures. If you need to kill about an hour, then this light puzzle game may do it for you, but others will probably be turned off by its hilariously easy and overly simplistic nature.


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