The Wolf Among Us – Episode 3: A Crooked Mile Review

Developer: Telltale Games

Release Date: April 8th, 2014

Available on: Mobile, PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Reviewer’s note: I played this game on the PC. There may be differences between versions.

Oh man, was that brilliant. With The Wolf Among Us finally getting to the bi-monthly schedule expected out of the Telltale series it also goes into what has easily been the strongest episode so far. As the murder mystery really starts to heat up and more players are put on the board, I found myself really drawn into the world of Fables.

Now having a real lead on the killings, A Crooked Mile has Bigby and Snow hunting for Crane after the shocking reveal at the end of Smoke & Mirrors. From the powerful opening that sees Bigby determine the best way to go about the funeral of people who hated him, to having to make peace with others so he can advance the case, A Crooked Mile wastes none of its two hour run. New characters are introduced, my favorite being the terrifying Bloody Mary, while others go through even more development. You’ll have to make difficult decisions that seem to work even better now than they did in the past few episodes.


Skyrim called. They want their helmet back.

Skyrim called. They want their helmet back.

Like usual Bigby has to make some tough decisions here. You’ll have to figure out the best way to follow a few leads knowing that you only have a limited amount of time. Another situation places Bigby at a funeral full of people who hate him, and has him having to carefully pick his words so as not to anger them more. Each decision will continue to change just how Bigby will be treated by the other characters and how you’re going to be able to go about your investigation work. I found a lot of the decisions to be tough, and ended up second guessing what I did often. In the end I almost wanted to replay the episode to remake the decisions, but I decided to stay consistent with my choices.

There’s some action too, including a rather brilliant fight scene involving the two Tweedles and Bloody Mary. Similar to past games all fighting is handled through quicktime events. Thankfully there’s no major hangups like earlier entries in the series, or like in The Walking Dead Season 2. I never found myself frustrated by unresponsive controls or short input windows this time around. Of course the actual gameplay segments are still the weakest parts, but I’m sure most people going into this game expect that already.

Bluebeard (who lacks a blue beard) is one hell of a snazzy dresser.

Bluebeard (who lacks a blue beard) is one hell of a snazzy dresser.

A Crooked Mile ends on a very strong note. Having me more interested in the mystery than ever before, The Wolf Among Us has really hit its stride now. Episode 3 is the best one yet and hopefully the series keeps managing to get better and better with the last two episodes.


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