The Last Agent DLC Review

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: March 18th, 2014

Available On: PC, Xbox One

Reviewer’s Note: I played this game on the Xbox One. There may be differences between versions.

The fourth and final DLC for Dead Rising 3 isn’t so different from the other three. Chaos Rising made some genuine improvements to the formula, yet sadly The Last Agent squanders all that and goes back to the old way of doing things, while adding in some awful new road blocks. Is there anything worth saving this guy for?

Brad Park may not quite be a name immediately familiar to people who played Dead Rising 3. His role only ever showed up at the end of a well-hidden side quest chain that required the use of the second screen Smartglass app. The problem is that Brad is in bad shape, and only survives after Nick gives him a dose of Zombrex. The other three characters see their ends in Dead Rising 3, so I already knew where their stories were going. But Brad is different, and this time around I only got to see his beginning. Yet the mystery of what’ll happen to Brad doesn’t really go much of anywhere: his story goes back to the mostly “unconnected events” style of the first two DLCs. There’s a brief moment where Rhonda and Gary show up again, which made me happy as they were two characters I enjoyed, and The Last Agent ends as good sequel bait for Dead Rising 4, but otherwise there’s little here.

Once again the gameplay is just the same stuff you did in Dead Rising 3. While Chaos Rising re-added boss fights, The Last Agent promptly removes them again and there’s still no co-op to speak of. There’s a bit of awkward platforming as Brad has to get to the top of a building at one point, and I mostly prefer to try and forget that section as Dead Rising is not built for platforming of any kind. Like the last thee chapters, there’s a section where I had to protect a vehicle I was driving. For some awful reason that I honestly could not figure out large portions of the map have been blocked off by barriers. This only managed to turn the map into a giant “U” shape, making it horribly difficult and time consuming to get around. It turned another 90 minute chapter into a solid 2 and a half hours, the majority of which was spent driving around. Also not a surprise: the side quests are just massive collection quests requiring Brad to find bootleg Zombrex, burn piles of bodies, collect Zombrex Chips, and save survivors.

Like before there are about five new normal weapons, a new combo weapon, and a new vehicle. The normal weapons are almost all gun based and include a hilariously awesome railgun, a “suppresser” that blows up zombies’ heads, and a flamethrower/explosive launcher hybrid. The combo weapon, requiring a turbine and a fire extinguisher, is basically a massive freeze ray that is a lot of fun to use. The new vehicle is the ZDC Control truck and it features both nitrogen grenades to lob at groups of zombies, and a boost to speed it up. It’s not as effective at killing zombies as the Armadillo, nor is it as ridiculously fun as the Thrasher, but it’s still a decent choice. Nick and Brad also still share kills, PP, and skills so anything done here at least transfers to the main game.

The Last Agent ends with the narrator choosing to burn the tapes that contained the videos of the four DLCs. I can only assume he was as disappointed with how they turned out as I was. Dead Rising 3 was one of my favorite games of the year, but it also contains some of my least favorite DLC expansions. I strongly advise you leave these stories to be the “lost” stories they claim they are.


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