3/13/2016 Update

Hi! So I missed posting last week. That’s because I’ve been working on something which this blog was made for in the first place! As of last week I’ve become a writer for TechRaptor!

So… what about here? Well for now I’m going to be basically posting what I’ve written for TechRaptor every week. So every week it’ll be a list of every article and review I’ve written. So here’s the last couple of weeks of stuff I’ve put up:

2 Reviews

21 Articles

Woo! Ton of writing in two weeks.


2/7/2016 Update

Okay, I have nothing this week. I got busy, went on a surprise vacation, and basically had no time to write. Rather than try to half-ass a couple of reviews really quickly, I’m just going to save them for next week. Sorry guys, hate doing this once again, but it happens.

1/3/2016 Update

10 new reviews up!

So I’m back, by the way. I plan to go back to the older style of writing reviews since I prefer it greatly. I’m still debating if I’ll do every week, but at the very least I should have stuff for next week.