Operation Broken Eagle DLC Review

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: January 21st, 2014

Available On: PC, Xbox One

Reviewer’s Note: I played this game on an Xbox One. There may be differences between versions.

Dead Rising 3’s DLC, all under a section called “The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos”, tells the stories of characters that seemed to do nothing but play minor roles in the main game. The first story, Operation Broken Eagle, seeks to shed some light on the military side of things. Yet does this story of duty have enough going for it?

Operation Broken Eagle put me in the role of Adam Kane, someone whom players may remember as the mini-boss in the military base. Adam and his squad have been given orders to find and kill the President of the United States after they fear she’s going to soft on the illegals who started the outbreak. It’s not a bad start, but Operation Broken Eagle suffers from a lack of focus. Rather than tell a story right through, it feels like the DLC is getting caught up in trying to explain little details about Los Perdidos that aren’t really important. Ever wondered how that crashed helicopter got into Ingleton? Now you know. Why did the army set up a base in a taxi yard? Well here’s why. There’s little to it, but at least the end teases bigger happenings in the Dead Rising universe.

The story missions have a variety of objectives, but nothing really new. Taking place over the course of 90 – 120 minutes, this DLC sees Adam basically running around being an errand boy for General Hemlock. He basically just goes from one place to another to clear out zombies before moving onto the next place. Once of the rare different missions sees Adam instead getting to control a new APC to mow down hoards of zombies, so that’s a fun change. Also I was interested in the change to a large amount of human enemies near the end of the DLC. Turning Dead Rising into a game about fighting military doesn’t work in the long run, but as a break from zombies then I found it pretty acceptable. Side missions suffer from basically all being collectathons. Adam had to collect dog tags, hack cameras, poison hideouts, and find his remaining squad. Bluntly: it sucks. I also can’t help but be disappointed by the lack of boss fights, and by the inability to play co-op. It’s a shame these two features are missing.

The DLC also comes with five new base weapons that can be used in the main game. The chaingun is a ridiculously hilarious addition to the arsenal, the dual knives are entertaining to watch, and the nitrogen grenade launcher can cause endless frozen zombies. There’s also a new combo weapon by combining an auto-shotgun (another new weapon) and a chainsaw. It makes “The Beast” which is… basically a shotgun with a chainsaw taped to it. I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t need more from a gun. There’s also a new vehicle in the form of the Armadillo: an APC with a chaingun that’s perfect if you want to basically win everything. These weapons can be brought into the main game, and it should be noted that Nick and Adam share PP and skills so playing as one can make playing as the other much easier.

Operation Broken Eagle had some okay ideas, but in the end doesn’t really go anywhere. The new weapons and vehicle is fun, but the missions are dull, the story is empty, and the DLC lacks enough to be worth the asking price. While the main game flew, this DLC has its wings clipped.


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