Lub vs Dub Review

Developer: Futuro

Release Date: July 30th, 2013

Available on: Mobile

The endless runner games on mobile phones seems, well… endless. It seems nearly everybody has had some take on these. Some of them have a twist, others are just generic. The good news is that Lub vs Dub falls into the former. The bad news is that to get any fun from this game you’ll need a second player.

Lub vs Dub features two game modes. The single player is simply an endless runner. You play as Lub as he (or she maybe?) runs along a heart rate monitor. You have to dodge little bumps by jumping and large bumps by flipping to the other side. Along the way you need to grab hearts to boost your score and extra lives so you can keep going. And, well… that’s really it. There’s almost no power ups to speak of, the level barely changes in any significant way, and there’s no challenges of any kind. The single player mode feels like an extremely bare bones last minute tacked on mode so they could say the have one. If you’re dropping a dollar on this game you need to know now that the singleplayer is not the reason you should do it.

Game gets boring so fast you flatline. Get it?

Game gets boring so fast you flatline. Get it?

The real joy of the game comes from the multiplayer. One player controls Lub, while the other controls Dub. Both will be sharing the same phone/tablet, just holding it on opposite ends. Unlike the singleplayer you can’t die and your goal is not to get farther. Instead you need to try and grab 50 hearts before the other player does so. Running into bumps will cause you to lose hearts, but there’s no way to die and you can’t go past 0. Unlike the singleplayer, the multiplayer is full of powerups to both help you and harm your friends. For example, you can freeze your opponent so that they are not able to collect hearts or avoid bumps. You could also find a magnet that will attract all hearts to you for a limited amount of time.

Something else I noticed about the multiplayer is the changing stages. While you’ll still always be running along the heart rate monitor, sometimes the game will throw a few twists at you. For example, at one point the game went “underwater” and you could jump many times in a row and descended very slowly. It’s not major, but it helps the game not get too stale while playing with others. Unfortunately the game only has this one mode. So while it’s fun a few times through this isn’t a game that’s going to last much past that.

Should be Wub vs Mud.

Should be Wub vs Mud.

Lub vs Dub is a fun take on the endless runner set of games, but only on the condition that you play it with another person. There’s much worse games on the app store for much more money, after all.


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