Infamous: First Light Review

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: August 26th, 2014

Available on: Playstation 4

Infamous: Second Son was a very good entry to the Infamous series and helped show off the Playstation 4. One of the characters you met in the game was the neon slinging Fetch, a former drug addict with a troubled past. Infamous: First Light, a stand alone expansion to Second Son, retells Fetch’s story, and does it rather brilliantly. It’s a little lacking in content, but for $15 anyone who was looking to jump back into the Infamous universe should probably look no further.

In the main game you played as Delsin, who had basic controls over four different powers. In First Light you instead switch to Fetch who only has the power of neon. Unlike Delsin it feels like she has much more of a mastery over this power. By the time you’re fully upgraded you’ll have access to various ways to toss people into the air and get them stuck in status fields, powerful melee finishers that you can stock up, and homing missiles that can take out multiple targets. Fetch may not have the strength that Delsin had but she makes up for it with agility and hit and run tactics.


Fetch better be getting arrested by the fashion police for that get-up.

Fetch better be getting arrested by the fashion police for that get-up.

While First Light doesn’t have the moral choices that is usual for Infamous games, it does have an open world with side quests for you to do. The open world is about half the size of Infamous: Second Son, only using the upper half of the Seattle map. The game spreads gas orbs called lumens for Fetch to collect that give her skill points. You can also participate in races to catch flying lumens, use your phone to track and destroy police drones, and create neon graffiti in specific locations. None of them are that extensive and most can be finished in a few minutes, but they are nice little distractions from the main story. The story itself has some nice variety in playing. You’ll jump from sniping missions, to protecting moving vehicles, to investigating crimes with your phone pretty often. While almost all the story missions eventually end with you wrecking some people, it is a lot of fun to go through.

One big new addition is the challenge arena. You can take Fetch (Or Delsin on the condition that you played Second Son) into one of three different arenas that have you doing things like fighting off waves of enemies or protecting hostages. Each of the three arenas use a different faction of enemies from common thugs, to D.U.P. soldiers, to a completely new set of demon enemies. Each arena has a set of challenges that, upon completion, earns you skill points to spend on new abilities or upgrades. It helps add more to the game, which is nice since the story’s run time is only about 4 – 5 hours if you bother to do the side content in the city (probably 2 – 3 hours if you just rush through the story.)


My biggest complaint of Infamous: First Light actually comes from the story itself. It feels weird to retcon portions of Second Son so soon after it came out. Anyone who has played Second Son should already know the plot twist going into First Light, but the way it’s described in Second Son and the way it actually plays out almost feels like two different events. That said, I think Fetch herself is a good character. She’s determined enough to get her goals done, but has enough flaws where she feels like a real person. Creepy gang lord Shane also plays a big role and manages to be equal parts creepy and competent. The game ends in a rather brilliant finale that really made me feel for Fetch, while leading into Second Son really well. It’s a great note to end Infamous: First Light on.

It’s not as expansive or as meaty as Infamous: Second Son, but I can easily see Infamous: First Light to be exactly what fans of the Infamous series would want.


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