Hurk’s Redemption DLC Review

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: November 18th, 2014

Available On: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Reviewer’s Note: I played the PlayStation 4 version of this DLC. There may be differences between versions.

Day 1 DLC! Yep, no surprise that Far Cry 4 also sees this happening. Offered as an extra morsel for anyone who got the game early or picked up the season pass, Hurk’s Redemption is a series of three extra missions. Surprisingly, Ubisoft seems to have at least tried a few new ideas with the missions that makes Hurk’s Redemption not only worth going through, but probably worth a few dollars if it shows up as a standalone buy.

Hurk’s Redemption sees Ajay helping out Hurk, the guy you may know best as player 2, collect three monkey statues so that he can be forgiven by the monkey god. You see, back in Far Cry 3 Hurk decided it was a good idea to strap explosives to monkeys, so now he wants to seek forgiveness. It’s a silly story that manages to fit in pretty well with Far Cry 4’s setting. It’s nice to see Hurk fleshed out in some way, as if you chose to just play Far Cry 4 solo then you saw him for a grand total of one cutscene. At least here he gets some of the screen time that he probably deserved. Hurk and Ajay’s interactions made me chuckle a few times, and Hurk’s goofy and over the top ‘MURICA attitude provides a nice break from the rest of the super serious members of the Golden Path.

Let off some steam Bennett

Let off some steam Bennett

While there’s no major change ups in the gameplay for Hurk’s Redemption, the three levels will actually put you in a few new situations. The first level saw Ajay swimming through a glacier, having to go up and smash ice to get air. Later I found myself in a situation similar to the movie Speed, where I was driving a truck that couldn’t fall below a specific speed limit or it would explode. The latter scenario actually brought me a lot of hilarious moments. Plowing through Pagan Min’s men and the barricades they set up proved to be a highly entertaining experience. Completing the three levels (which took me somewhere between 45 – 60 minutes) awards you with the harpoon gun to use in the main game. It’s a fun weapon, though it won’t likely be seeing a place in my final loadout. It just feels a little too much like a bow, but I already have the bow doing everything the harpoon gun does.

While the harpoon gun is a reward I’m mostly not going to be using, I did enjoy my time with Hurk’s Redemption. It’s short, but if you’re planning to get the rest of Far Cry 4’s DLC then I highly recommend you also go through this one. It’s short enough that I don’t think it’d be good stand-alone content, but bundled with something else makes Hurk worth redeeming.


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