Heroes of the Fleet DLC Review

Developer: Born Ready Games

Release date: May 20th, 2013

Available on: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Reviewer’s note: I have played Heroes of the Fleet on both the PC and the Playstation 4. There were no noticeable differences between versions.

Strike Suit Zero is a perfectly fun game, but suffers from not wanting to stretch its limbs a little and try new things with its base gameplay. Heroes of the Fleet is an extra 5 mission DLC campaign for the original game, and luckily it’s more than willing to try a few new tricks.

Heroes of the Fleet puts you in the role of an unnamed pilot who is reliving several famous battles of the war through a simulation created by Control 2, a new AI that the U.N.E is testing out. Things don’t quite work out as expected when Control 2 begins to admire the colonial forces and begins to adjust the simulations to fit how she wanted the battles to go, rather than how they actually went. It’s a simple enough premise for the DLC, but the game actually does a pretty good job using this to both build on the history of the main game, the creation of the Black Fleet is mentioned a lot here, and still tell a pretty interesting original story. The DLC also comes with a pretty entertaining last level packed with a neat little twist ending and a tease for a sequel for those that are looking for it. It’s well done and far better than what the main game has to offer.


This is my hella large laser. Less pew more fzwatt.

This is my hella large laser. Less pew more fzwatt.

The base gameplay hasn’t changed much for Heroes of the Fleet. You’ll still be participating in intense space dog fights and using the Strike Suit to transform in the middle of battles to unleash death upon your opponents. In the breifings the game will tell you which craft the original pilots used and with loadouts, though you don’t have to copy that. While the base gameplay is unchanged, the objectives that you will be carrying out is new. Heroes of the Fleet will give some more creative missions, like defending an installation so it can charge up a laser to shoot at enemy warships. Another has you engaging in a one-on-one dogfight with an experienced enemy pilot in the middle of a nebula where none of your missiles work. My personal favorite has the two factions playing tug-of-war over a control point. Both sides launch various capital ships at each other and you have to assist your forces in pushing the other side back. It’s a pretty awesome scenario that shows off the capital ships far better than the main game did.

Heroes of the Fleet is some great DLC that actually manages to surpass the original game in quite a few ways. It’s short, but it never outstays its welcome and if you’re interested in Strike Suit Zero then Heroes of the Fleet is a must.


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