Guns Up! Review

Developer: Valkyrie Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Release Date: December 5th, 2015
Available On:
PlayStation 4
Genre: Strategy

During the PlayStation Experience, Sony surprised released quite a few games. One of these games was Guns Up, a free to play World War 2 themed strategy game. Is this game worth trying out, or does this free to play game ask too much of the players?

Guns Up is broken into two unique modes: offense and defense. You’ll spend the majority of the game on the offensive. For this mode you’ll attack other player’s bases, which will be AI controlled at the time. You can select which troops you want to bring into battle with you, and will also be able to select cards that either give passive buffs to you, debuffs to your enemies, or allow you to call down a one-use special attack. All your troops spawn from a transport truck, and your goal is to break through their defenses and destroy the enemy HQ. Since you can’t control your troops directly the game is more about deploying the right troops at the right time, and using your special attacks correctly. The entire tide of a battle can be determined by a well dropped tear gas container.

GUNS UP!™_20151206015927

Okay, so I’m not very good at defense…

Completing attacks earns you bullets that you can spend on a large variety of things, from new troops to new defenses. You can build up your base and place sniper towers and bunkers to defend it. You often won’t actually be playing on the defense though. Occasionally the AI invades, but unless you select an endless survival option it’s unlikely that you’ll be on the defensive more than once every few sessions. This is a bit of a shame, as I actually liked playing defense and the game seems to lend itself well to an “offense vs. defense” type gameplay. That said, players can chose to invade you so a well built base is to your advantage as you can get some rewards while you’re away for beating enemy players.

As a free to play game you can buy a good deal many things if you’re not interested in grinding it out. Gold is always purchasable and it can be used to buy random card packs, buffs that let you earn double XP or bullets after an attack, or costumes for your men. Yet it should be noted that I was able to play Guns Up without putting a single dollar into it and I never felt that the game was particularly unfair against me. Within a few days of play I had a base that I was happy with, several different troop types, and had gained more than enough levels.

GUNS UP!™_20160110181358

pew pew bang bang bang pew

Guns Up is a bit of a weird case. I honestly found myself enjoying the time I spent with it, but I wish there was a little more to it. I like that it’s free to play so I never had to put a dime into it, but I also feel there just wasn’t enough content to make it cost more than $5. As it stands I’m keeping it around and jumping into it for about 30-60 minutes every few days, but I could never imagine wanting to put more time than that into it.