Fallen Angel DLC Review

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Release Date: February 11th, 2014

Available On: PC, Xbox One

Reviewer’s Note: I played this game on an Xbox One. There may be differences between versions.

The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos continue with its second story, and also brings in the Dead Rising series’ first playable female character. Angel herself is an interesting character, but does Fallen Angel have enough going for it to make it worth hearing her story?

Fallen Angel tells the story of the group of illegals that Nick would eventually go on to meet in the main game. One of their members is Angel Quijano, a woman suffering from alcoholism and possibly PTSD due to the zombie outbreak and the amount of friends she has lost. Similar to Adam, Angel also plays a very brief role in the main game as “that corpse you find on top of the hotel.” Since we already know how this one is going to end, Fallen Angel is basically everything leading up to that event. Angel is an interesting character who I would have loved to see more of, but sadly Fallen Angel’s story suffers from similar problems as Operation Broken Eagle: it feels more like a series of unconnected events to explain a few small details around the city rather than an actual story.

Also similar to the other DLC, Fallen Angel introduces new weapons, a new combo weapon, and a new vehicle. On the weapons end of things, Angel’s calling card appears to be her spiked mace that really looks like it packs a punch. There’s a “zombie gas” grenade that kills zombies, and a pair of machine pistols that are fun to use. The new combo weapon, which requires an assault rifle and defibrillators, is a high powered electricity shooting gun that I honestly enjoyed using. On the other hand the new vehicle, a food truck called the Feastmobile, is just a truck that doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Just like before Angel and Nick share PP, kills, and skills so everything done with Angel is also done with Nick, and all of her weapons and vehicle can be brought into the main game.

Fallen Angel’s missions also falls into many of the same pitfalls that Operation Broken Eagle did. A lot of it is basically just some form of killing zombies or collecting items. Sometimes I had to save people from the army too. Notably, there’s quite a few members of the army hanging around so that helps give the DLC some of a mildly different feel from the main game. Yet once again there’s no boss fights, no survivors to hang out with you, and no co-op. The main story lasts about 90ish minutes, and the “side quests” are basically another set of collectathons. Arguably it’s far worse than Broken Eagle as this DLC dumps nearly 100 collectables on the player. Hope you enjoy burning posters, destroying cameras, saving illegals from execution, and collecting medkits.

Angel is an awesome character that deserved a full game. But Fallen Angel is just another sub-par DLC for Dead Rising 3. It lacks the heart that the main game has, along with the variety and fun. Los Perdidos still has two more stories lost, but after this I’m not sure they’re worth digging up.


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