Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat Review

Developer: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: May 16th, 2014

Available on: Mobile

I originally thought that all the shitty movie tie-in games had finally ended and studios would either be putting more effort into their games (like the Arkham series, or High Moon’s Transformer games) or just not make it. Turns out I was looking in the completely wrong place. Whoops.

Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat is a first person shooter based on the recent Tom Cruise movie, which I’m going to be honest I haven’t seen. You can play as either William Cage or Rita Vrataski and your dropped right into the action with your only objective to get to the other side of the beach. Along the way you’re attacked by aliens called Mimics, and have to defend yourself. There’s actually no button to fire your gun. Instead you just point your crosshair at the enemy and the game will automatically fire for you. This could be good because it helps reduce the amount of clunky buttons the game feels like it needs to have. More often it’s bad, as you shoot at walls or cover because the game knows there’s an enemy back there.

As expected from the title (and trailers from the movie) you will die a lot. If it’s not the Mimics killing you, it’ll be because you’ll walk by an exploding jeep or accidentally stand under a crashing airplane. Every time you die you get sent back a short distance and the game highlights all the events that happened in the area you just died in, so your character ‘learns’ what it is. This eventually gets frustrating though, as every fight just becomes some form of “get ambushed, get killed, know what to do this time.”

That’s all there really is to Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat, and it can’t even get some of these basics correct. There is no way to manually reload your weapon, so if you end a fight with three rounds in your gun then I hope you enjoy starting the next fight reloading and getting killed. You only get two weapons too: the machine gun (which feels useless) and the rocket launcher (which you never seem to have enough ammo for). The Mimics look weird in design and don’t seem to attack you but spend more time flailing wildly at you. Their AI is also off, as they seemed to get stuck wildly flailing in circles on more than one occasion. I also had a problem with the game crashing occasionally.

The best thing I can honestly say about Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat is that the game is completely and totally free. No micro transactions and no asking price. So if you want to try it and see the unfun mess yourself, go for it. Otherwise just stick to the movie.


One thought on “Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat Review

  1. Good to know, I don’t even know why they would bother trying to make a mobile game about the movie, especially since the game is free. I think even a normal game would be hard to make properly.

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