Cole’s Legacy DLC Review

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: March 21st, 2014

Available on: Playstation 4

It should be no surprise to anyone that Infamous: Second Son would be seeing some downloadable content. Sure enough on the first day we’re hit with Cole’s Legacy. Free to people who pre-ordered or at least bought the game early in, Cole’s Legacy is supposed to add about an hour or so of gameplay while bridging the gap between Infamous 2 and Second Son. Sadly, it doesn’t really amount to much of anything.

Cole’s Legacy sees Delsin meeting up with Raymond Wolfe, brother to Infamous 2 character Sebastian Wolfe. Raymond is following a lead that has him believe that the D.U.P. is actually creating new conduits to further justify funding their effort to stop and contain them. You then play through about four missions which has Delsin following these leads and seeing if there’s any truth to Raymond’s claims. Sadly, outside of a brief cameo from Infamous’s loveable Zeke, the story doesn’t really amount to much. You’ll find out very little and it doesn’t really manage to explain much of anything that happened in those 7 years between games.

Stealth is sometimes always an option.

Stealth is sometimes always an option.

The gameplay that Cole’s Legacy adds is only a little better. You won’t be doing any sort of new or unique things in this DLC. Missions often consist of little more than following a marker, person, or set of clues to a location before engaging in a battle. The game doesn’t introduce any new enemies or encounter rules, so expect the exact same stuff you’d see in the main game. After finishing the fights you’ll talk to either Raymond or Zeke and then move on to the next mission. Once you complete all four missions you get the only reward from Cole’s Legacy: the ability to wear Cole’s jacket so you look a little more like him. It’s cute, but not really much of anything.

That’s really all there is to Cole’s Legacy. It didn’t even hit its hour long length for me, clocking in somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes. If you got it with your copy of Infamous: Second Son it’s worth going through because, well, it’s more Infamous. Even if it’s the same stuff as in the main game it’s still fun. But I would never suggest paying money for such a tiny offering of gameplay.


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