Bad Blood DLC Review

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: September 30th, 2014

Available on: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Reviewer’s note: I played this game on the PlayStation 4. There may be differences between versions.

Watch Dogs, up until this point at least, seemed to mostly be stuck with some mediocre DLC offerings. Bad Blood looks to change that, by adding a whole new story line and new things to do around the city of Chicago. Does this DLC make up for the others, or will the blood truly be bad?

Bad Blood puts Aiden’s hacker friend T-Bone in the spotlight this time around. Taking place about a year after the events of Watch Dogs, Bad Blood sees T-Bone saving Tobias Frewer (who you may remember as the homeless guy who had the keys to the Bunker) from a group of Fixers. At first T-Bone and Tobias want nothing to really do with each other, but before long they learn there’s a plot involving someone sending groups of Fixers to specifically kill the two of them. With little choice the two need to work together and figure out what’s happening. The story fleshes out T-Bone and Tobias’ history a little more, which is nice since both only had some vague hints in the main game, and it picks up a plot string that seemed to vanish in the main game. Still, Bad Blood’s story isn’t really worth writing home about. Fans of the main game’s story should enjoy it for what it is, and how it sets up Watch Dogs 2, and everyone else will probably forget about it a few weeks later.


Bad Blood doesn’t change the gameplay too much from Watch Dogs either. You still have the same basic skills that you originally had, and the mission structure is mostly the same. The mass of collectables have been removed, lowered to a couple of story-based investigations that have you finding about five objects before taking on a final unique mission. It’s at least better than the 150+ collectables that Watch Dogs originally had. The game does have some neat new side activities for T-Bone to partake in. He’ll be protecting witnesses, driving fast enough to not be hacked, and other various activities. The most interesting, however, comes in the form of co-op missions. Here you can team up with a friend and take on a mission together. It’s a great addition that really adds more to the game, and probably the one thing that will really make Bad Blood worth the purchase for some people.

T-Bone does have one major new skill over Aiden though, and that would be his RC Car. At any point you can deploy the RC Car, which can then be used to sneak around vents and other hard-to-reach areas, hack stuff for you, and even come equipped with a taser that you can use to zap people. It doesn’t make a major change in gameplay, but over the campaign’s 5 hour running time the game will be sure to allow you to use it. New stealth heavy missions are also a nice boon, helping Watch Dogs stand out from the more action-heavy Grand Theft Auto. Still, the game sometimes loves to go a little wild. A late game mission sees T-Bone defending his home from wave after wave of enemy, activating various traps to blow up and burn guards. It was a fantastically intense moment that really made Bad Blood feel like a proper DLC expansion to the main game.


Really though, it’s not like Bad Blood has much in the way of competition. While the other DLC offerings for Watch Dogs are busts, I have to recommend Bad Blood. The new campaign hits up some more high points that the original missed, while the co-op missions really add something that Watch Dogs was missing. If you only pick up one DLC for Watch Dogs then make sure it’s Bad Blood.


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