Access Granted DLC Review

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: July 2nd, 2014

Available on: PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Access Granted is a DLC pack for Watch Dogs that just sort of throws a grab bag of content at the player. The biggest draw comes from three new stand-alone missions, but fans of Watch Dogs will also find new perks, guns, and outfits as well.

Access Granted comes with three new missions called The Palace, Breakthrough, and Signature Shot. The Palace has Aiden being contacted by DedSec and getting warned that a hacker called SoSueMe has gotten his hands on some of DeadSec’s data and plans to spread it publicly. Aiden finds himself sneaking into a manor, hacking into a security system, deleting the date, and then finally entering a shoot out and car chase to catch SoSueMe. Notably, after you complete The Palace the game puts in some new collectables. You can now find 10 of SoSueMe’s hard drives around Chicago. Yet with no reward or really purpose other than to get Aiden to state that he’s not happy DedSec has files on him, it ultimately feels like little more than filler. This mission will probably take between thirty to sixty minutes depending about how much you actually care to get the hard drives.


Goodnight sweet prince

Goodnight sweet prince

Breakthrough and Signature Shot don’t fair much better and are also much shorter. Breakthrough is easily the worst of the bunch as it’s just one of those random contracts copy and pasted. All you have to do is stop a small convoy and knock out a couple of people in it. Signature Shot at least opens up with having you tail a car, but this is probably one of the worst tailing missions I’ve ever seen. The car you have to tail will stop at every single stop sign and light and then wait for there to be no cars near the intersection even if they’re not even remotely blocking his path. After crawling along you’ll reach the end where you just have to kill everyone to get decent special assault rifle. Both of these missions took about ten to fifteen minutes each.

That’s all the new gameplay Access Granted adds. You get some new perks that do things like add an extra battery charge for the phone, or net you more money when you hack ATMs. All these really do is manage to make an already easy game a little easier. The new Biometric Rifle is basically just a slower assault rifle, while the Auto-6 is just a reskinned Chrome. The five new costumes look okay, but that’s really it. Overall, unless you got Access Granted through the season pass I wouldn’t recommend it at any price.


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