About Me

Hello. My name is Samuel Guglielmo. I am currently a student at the County College of Morris and I’m going for a degree in liberal arts with an English specialization. I was going for a Game Development degree but that wasn’t working out the way I hoped.

I made this WordPress blog (with the help of some friends) with the desire to write video game reviews. The reason for this is simple: I’d love a job in some kind of video game journalism field. So, what better way to work on my writing and ability to make reviews than to, you know, actively do so. Due to me not having the funds or time of a big publisher, the majority of my reviews are going to be for games released on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Steam, iPod, or Ouya. I also won’t be able to provide screenshots or videos of Ps3, Vita, or Ouya games at the current time, though that’s something I’d like to figure out how do in the future

You can always see what games I’m currently playing at my Backloggery.


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