A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting DLC Review

Developer: Vanillaware

Publisher: Aksys Games

Release Date: July 15th, 2014

Available on: Playstation Vita

After a bit of a delay from the last DLC, A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting continues the trend of Muramasa Rebirth’s DLC being almost as good as, if not superior to, the main game. We got another new story with a new main character along with another gameplay shift and new bosses to go with it.

This time around you’ll take the role of a ninja named Arashimaru. After he accidentally wrecks a shrine to a goddess named Inaraki during a fight he has a curse placed on him that will cause him to die in seven days. In this time he tries to get revenge on his old master, who he learned had tricked him into killing his own father. Unlike the other tales, which usually included a good mix of serious and humorous moments, A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting is almost entirely serious. That’s not to say it’s bad though. In fact, I felt that this entry had the strongest tale yet. Arashimaru comes off as a sympathetic characters and the dynamics between him, Inaraki, and other characters (like a young samurai named Dengoro who has sworn to take Arashimaru’s head) are extremely interesting to watch play out.


Only a ninja can use such a silly weapon.

Only a ninja can use such a silly weapon.

The big change to combat here is that Arashimaru’s fighting style is almost entirely based in ranged weapons. Two of his weapons, his kunai and bombs, can only be thrown or use some very basic melee attacks. His third weapon is a long ranged sickle that can damage enemies from a distance pretty well, but isn’t effective for up close combat. This means you’ll be spending your time dodging away from enemies and preforming a lot of hit and run tactics. I also found skills to be pretty important here, and used them more than in my regular games. On the ground each of the three weapons has a special ability, but in the air you instead summon Inaraki to rain fireballs down on your enemies.

Once again there’s a large upgrade tree that I barely found myself starting before I was done with the DLC. After A Cause to Daikon For restricted your ability to use the tree, it was nice to see A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting open it up again. You can, once again, participate in a boss rush as Arashimaru, and there’s multiple endings to his story for you to unlock. Depending on how much of this content you choose to do you’re looking at between 3 – 5 hours of play out of this DLC, which is about the standard of each of them so far.


I don't know where Arashimaru is keeping 116 knives to throw

I don’t know where Arashimaru is keeping 116 knives to throw

I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but Muramasa Rebirth’s DLC really is worth picking up. This is a third success for them, and with one more down the road I have high hopes that we’ll be seeing a game with nothing but successful DLC behind it.


One thought on “A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting DLC Review

  1. Cool review. I really enjoyed Muramasa: Rebirth so I recently bought the DLC. I haven’t got round to playing it yet, but this character sounds interesting due to his reliance on ranged attacks.

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