400 Days DLC Review

Developer: Telltale Games

DLC for: The Walking Dead

Release Date: July 2nd, 2013

Available on: Mobile, Ouya, PC, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, Xbox 360

Reviewer’s note: I played this game on the Xbox 360. There may be differences between versions.

With the first season of The Walking Dead over and the second starting to roll out, Telltale has decided to go and revisit the first game one last time and release one last episode to tie into the upcoming season.

400 Days puts you in the roles of five different characters, each of whom are at different points in time trying to survive the outbreak. As the title suggests the story takes place over the course of 400 days and you can handle the five character’s stories in any order you wish. Each story is about 45 – 60 minutes long and features condensed tales of characters that will likely be showing up in Season 2. Each character’s story is unique to them. For example: Vince finds himself on a prison bus when the zombies first show up, while Shel is trying to set up a safe haven for survivors. There’s one final 30 minute epilogue chapter after you complete the five stories that helps tie them all together. The majority of the stories are pretty well done, though I found it hard to care for Russell. I found him to just be an unlikeable character when compared to the others. Still, the other four characters are more than strong enough to carry the game.

Since each section is short the majority of it is conversations. You’ll be spending time building character relations and getting to know your characters and the people around them. This is good, since this is where The Walking Dead’s strength was. While the game doesn’t have five episodes to help get you attached to the characters, it does manages enough in each chapter to at least make you care. I never found any of the game’s decisions as tough as the main game’s decisions but it still had a few good ones. There are a couple gameplay segments in 400 Days as well. In Wyatt’s story you can find yourself dragging a wounded man to safety, having to stop and take shots at zombies from time to time. While in Bonnie’s story you have a stealth segment, requiring you to duck between corn rows while avoiding capture. Just like in the main game they’re still kind of clunky and awkward to play, not controlling nearly as smoothly as a game devoted to such gameplay. Bonnie’s stealth segment also drags on far longer than it really needs to, feeling more like padding than proper gameplay.

400 Days is a short extra chapter for those who liked The Walking Dead. If you’re going into Season 2 then it’s likely a must, but if you’re content with Season 1 then it’s possible to skip this entry. Still, it’s hard to hate more Walking Dead even if it’s not as good as the main stories.


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