300: Seize Your Glory Review

Developer: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: February 5th, 2014

Available on: Mobile

Warner Brothers seems to have a trend of making these weird completely free games on mobile devices to go with their big movie releases. 300: Seize Your Glory is part of this trend, coming out a month before 300: Rise of an Empire. It’s a simple 3D hack ‘n slash that provides a competent distraction for about 30 minutes, but that’s really it.

300: Seize Your Glory doesn’t really try to set up any kind of narrative or characterization beyond a very bare bones plot. All you need to know is that you play as Themistokles and you have to fight and stop the Persian armies led by their leader Artemisia. Playing the game is simple enough: you control your character with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and have attack and block buttons on the right. You can do a shield bash by double tapping the block button. Every time you kill an enemy you fill up a rage bar, and when it’s full you can hold down the attack button to spend it, which will instantly kill the nearest enemy with a cinematic finishing attack.

It’s all simple enough, and you’ll probably get through most the game by mashing the attack button until everyone around you is dead. The enemies don’t really put up much of a fight, besides the occasional bigger enemy that requires you to hit them with a shield bash first to stun them so you can then use your regular attacks on them. Each of the game’s four levels (which only take about 5 minutes each) has you spending the majority of the time just moving from fight to fight until you’ve killed everyone and can move on.

There is a few change ups here and there at least. One level has Artemisia ordering archers to fire at you, requiring you to stop your attacks and block incoming arrows while they do. Another has suicide troops coming towards your boat, forcing Themistokles to pick up a bow and shoot at them before they can reach him. The fight against Artemisia should be a dramatic way to end the game, but I ended up getting her stuck in a corner and was able to just wail on her until she died. Once you finish the four missions there is absolutely nothing else to do in the game, which is kind of lame.

300: Seize Your Glory is a competent hack ‘n slash that does everything right but nothing special. Its 30 minute length would have made it tough to recommend if it wasn’t completely free, but as it is you can at least kill some time without much worry.


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