11/9/2014 Update

7 New reviews up!

So first thing, I have been running Sgulgi.com for a year now and that’s freaking awesome. Here’s to more!

Second: The Hell’s Where the Heart Is review /should/ have pictures, but I still can’t seem to get them off my Vita. For some reason the picture transfer thing says I need a C# Executable, yet despite having it I still can’t get it to install properly. Maybe I’ll try to find a new way to do it later.

Third, I bought an Xbox One. I haven’t had time to set it up, or even plug it in, yet, but now you will probably start seeing Xbox One exclusive reviews in the time ahead. The first one will likely be either Crimson Dragon or Sunset Overdrive. I will likely continue to play multiplatform games on the PlayStation 4 though.


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