1/21/2014 Update

Three new reviews up!

This marks my first DLC review. I think I’ll do DLC reviews for DLC that has significant single player or multiplayer components added. So you won’t be seeing review of, say, a Street Fighter costume pack. Freedom Cry was a pretty significant add-on, so I felt that it deserved it. To give an example, I’m currently playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes. You will not be seeing DLC reviews for the extra character add-on. You would see a DLC review if they added more story though.

To go on a bit of a thing, I actually really like DLC. I think it’s a good cheap way to add extra value to games. Some games like Borderlands, Mass Effect, Fallout, and Dishonored has had DLC that almost rivals the main game. I don’t even mind map packs since I see it as adding more value to a game and allows developers to try little things that don’t normally get to make the cut. So hey, I’m all for more of it showing up.


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