7/10/2016 Update

Two new reviews!

Three new articles!


7/3/2016 Update

Three New Reviews

Five New Articles


6/19/2016 Update

Oh man, I haven’t posted in a while. I honestly have been busy writing and stuff, so I just haven’t made time. But here we go, here’ll be the massive dump of all the stuff I’ve written in the month+ that I’ve been doing things.

5 Reviews

1 Preview

32 News Articles


4/24/2016 Update

Two new reviews!

Eight new articles!

4/10/2016 Update

Wrote some more and got more coming up!

1 new review

8 new articles

4/3/2016 Update

Okay, so its been a couple of weeks but I haven’t had much time to write as I’d like. Had a birthday, a wake, Easter vacation, and some other stuff get in the way. But I do have some new stuff I’ve written!

3 new reviews:

6 new articles: